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This Year's 12 Cases - Write For Rhts - Amnesty International USA In addition to our monty meetings where we write letters and plan, our Amnesty International East Bay Chapter hold various human rhts events throughout the year. Write a Letter. Change a. Sn up now to join Write for Rhts 2016. Contact Amnesty International USA's Individuals at Risk Program at iar@or .

Purple Wings Amnesty International Global Write-A-Thon This global action marking International Human Rhts Day on December 10 brings people together just about anywhere – in classrooms, churches, workplaces, homes, and more – to make a difference in the lives of prisoners of conscience, human rhts defenders, victims of torture and other individuals at risk. Then SPREAD the word and encourage your friends and family to register for the Write-a-thon by texting or emailing them the registration link: • Get your resources in early November: Learn how to hold a successful write-a-thon and download case summaries, sample letters and other promotional materials for your event. Amnesty International Global Write-A-Thon. Write for Rhts Poster courtesy of Amnesty International

Write-a-thon Series The Women of Atenco A chance to write on beaf of a prisoner of conscience or send a greeting to one. This posting is part of our Write-a-Thon Cases Series. For more information visit 5 thoughts on “ Write-a-thon Series The Women of.

Write For Rhts, Amnesty International USA On Saturday, December 3rd,2011, the Chicago Organizing City Activist Network will host a city-wide write-a-thon event in which participants will write letters on behalf of individuals at risk featured in this year's Amnesty International Global Write A Thon. Write For Rhts with Amnesty International USA to free. hundreds of thousands of people around the world write letters and sn online petitions to help.

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